For over 60 years we have brought the great game of baseball to the youth of San Pedro.

Every year we have approximately 500+ players swinging bats, throwing and catching balls, making new friends, seeing old friends and keeping Knoll Hill filled with the neighbors in our community – enjoying one of our nation’s favorite pastimes.

We are proud of the tradition Eastview continues each Spring and will work hard to make sure it endures well into the future for our neighborhoods. Eastview is chartered under the Little League Inc. of Williamsport, P.A. and is subject to all rules and regulations contained in their Official Rule Book.

2023 Eastview Little League Board of Directors

President, Katie Martinez
Vice President, John Bobich
Vice President - Player Agents, Stephanie Cuneo
Secretary, Ashley Esparza
Treasurer, Nicole Alvarado
Community Relations &
Port Liaison, Anthony Dobay
Parent Liaison, Lisa Rugnetta
Sponsorship, George Paloziol
Safety Officer, Georgianna Espinoza

Division Player Agents
50/70 & Junior, Katie Martinez
Major, Rudy Pamanes
Minor, Stephanie Cuneo
Rookie, Ashley Melendez
Farm, Stephanie Cuneo
Teeball, Antoinette Bristol

Snack Bar Coordinators, Monique Nunez & Renee Pamanes & Lisa Rugnetta

Communications Director, Alison Dobay
Social Media, Jaelynn Mayer

Eastview Little League contact: [email protected]

Parent Liaison contact: [email protected]

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