As a new parent to the baseball scene, you may not be familiar with what players need, necessary equipment/gear, or what is expected of a parent. After polling other parents who had been in this situation before, here’s a few tips of the trade and what they said:


  • Pants WILL get dirty.  Be ready to wash them or buy a few extra pairs to rotate.
  • Parents will be required to work snack bar shifts. They’re fun!
  • Fundraising of some sort is usually required.
  • Kids will fail more than they succeed.  So, it is up to the parents to ALWAYS be positive for every kid.
  • Get a good chair (ex. stadium chair) and blanket to use for games.  Bleachers can be cold and hard.
  • Be ready for snacks after the game.
  • Handy items for parents to have on hand:  Sunscreen, plenty of water, extra plastic bag for cleaning up trash or dirty cleats, wet wipes, large umbrella or pop-up tent.  Always great to have sunglasses and a baseball hat while at the fields.
  •  Use the Extra Strength Shout to keep pants clean.
  • Be ready to give up your weekends during the season.


Eastview Little League provides a jersey and a baseball hat.  Players need:

  • Cleats, Pants, Socks, Belt, glove and “sleeves” shirt for cooler game days can all be hand-me-downs
  • Every season they will need a new size or a different color and it adds up quickly.
  • Boys will need a protective cup.
  • Have your own batting helmet and don’t let them share it.


  1. Don’t take it seriously – it should be FUN for everyone.
  2. They are kids and probably don’t need private lessons.
  3. Enjoy every minute watching them and constantly encourage everyone.
  4. It’s for the Kids
  5. HAVE FUN!

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